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Give a Prompt! present

Finally, an original and sustainable gift for the language professional who already has it all!  Six months of Prompt! for only 25 euros. The subscription stops automatically and the gift voucher is valid for a year. Enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.


Gift-voucher Prompt

Who would love to receive a Prompt! present?

Any language professional. Examples? Editors, journalists, copywriters, language teachers, translators, subtitlers, defence lawyers, minute takers, clergy – actually anyone for whom language and language proficiency is essential to their professional practice.


This is how it works

As soon as you have paid, you will receive an email with the gift voucher in a PDF. You can either forward it to the recipient or print it.

The gift voucher contains the URL where the recipient can register to activate the subscription.

The subscription stops automatically after 26 Prompt!s, unless of course the recipient is hooked and can no longer do without. We’ll check that with an email after 24 weeks. If we don’t hear back, that will be the end of it. We won’t be doing any spamming.

Any other questions? Get in touch with us.