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Prompt plus subscription

Prompt plus is for everyone who wants to improve their writing skills and expand their creativity. You will receive concise but effective feedback from an experienced writing coach on the piece you write with that week’s Prompt!

The subscription is 29 euros (including 21% tax) for the feedback. Unfortunately, you can’t yet take out a subscription on both newsletters and feedback at once, but we’re working on it. So please also take out a monthly or annual subscription. This form is for the plus part only.

The amount will be collected automatically from your account every month. If you’d prefer to pay annually, we will give you the subscription for the price of the annual subscription and one month’s discount on the feedback. If this sounds interesting, get in contact with us.

What you get:

  • A ’tip and top’ for every piece of work you publish on Slack. Your coach is Lizzie Kean, experienced writer and translator.