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Claiming back VAT on Prompt! if you pay taxes in a country other than the Netherlands? Sorry, not possible!

If you pay taxes in a country other than the Netherlands and are registered as paying VAT, you actually need a different kind of invoice; one stating ‘VAT reversed’. Unfortunately, it would take too much time and cost too much to provide such invoices manually. Add to that the statutory requirement of completing an intracommunity form for our own tax authority. So since we started Prompt! because we love language, not because we’re mad about administrative work… we can’t offer that service. Sorry!

This means that you will receive the same standard invoice Dutch subscribers receive. You can deduct the total amount of the invoice as business expenses in your bookkeeping but you cannot claim back the VAT.

That’s a pity, of course, but at present we see no other possible solution. If the situation should change and we have more subscribers outside the Netherlands, we might be able to program something to solve the issue. Our apologies that this means that your subscription is 9% more expensive than that of your Dutch co-prompters.